While Baton Rouge Real Estate offers many different choices, so do Baton Rouge Real Estate Agents.  Each has their own way of doing business.  As independent contractors, we do what works best for us and our clients.  While some agents don't like Open Houses, I enjoy "shaking hand and kissing babies".  Many times an Open House has been instrumental in selling the house.


In most cases, a house will not sell directly at the event, but it might be key to the marketing process.  Sometimes a sign announcing the Open House will prompt an offer before the event, to minimize the risk of losing the house due to a successful Open House.


Word of mouth can also trigger an offer.  Sometimes a visitor to the Open House will tell someone else about it, and inspire additional shownigs.


For the Realtor, there is a lot more to doing an Open House than the two or three hours of the event.  There are plans to be made.  Coordination advertisement, printing hand outs, pictures, addional publicity, signage, and refreshments (if any) are just a few things done prior to the event.


When the Open House is over, there is the pick up of the house itself, and the removal of signage, follow-up with visitors both after the event and following any status change of the house, such as price change or warranty or assistance.  Consiquently, there are approximately 2 - 3 hours in addtion to the Open House itself.


I will hold my listing at 7312 Leyland Court open Sunday, June 14, 2-4 p.m.  Come out and see this beautiful home!